Artificial Intelligence in fleet management

Artificial intelligence is making its way into all aspects of our working lives and fleet management is no exception. Explore how AI helps manage vehicles.

February 24, 2020

Artificial Intelligence in fleet management

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into all aspects of our working lives and fleet management is no exception. The days of working off spreadsheets will soon be gone now that fleet and mobility managers have AI powered solutions. AI is helping teams with efficiency, accuracy, improved procurement decisions, improved utilisation, optimising expenditure and much more. Fleet teams can constantly make improvements with AI being able to analyse vast amounts of data and prescribe solutions and answers in real time.

Adding value to teams

Fleet teams can breathe a sigh of relief and don’t need to fear about automation taking over their jobs any time soon. However, teams can be excited to know that all those boring, headache jobs will be done for them and they can get on with being amazing and making a real difference to the business. Analytics and old school reports can be replaced with real time answers for immediate action. Tasks like processing quotes and invoices or reconciliation can be automated, payments can made in real time with AI monitoring and optimising the costs. Vendors are unable to overcharge or replace things that don’t need doing and fleet teams can gain ultimate control.

Control the outcome

Companies that fail to invest in AI will pay a price in increased costs, low efficiency and lost opportunities. In the end, it all boils down to improving the way data is managed and how businesses can improve visibility, control, transparency and reduce the cost to the business. Whether its AI or another solution that is the ultimate goal.

When looking at fleet solutions that are using AI it’s important to understand that it is designed to enhance the functionality and capabilities of the fleet team. The roles are upgraded to fleet team’s being more data driven and technology focused. Teams can constantly improve in real-time and train the AI in what it observes, where it sees it, how it sees it and how often. The control of this data is the gold from which all outcomes are derived.

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