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Only EV?

Creating a Global Sustainability strategy is a challenge for many fleet managers.The introduction of electric vehicles is definitely an essential part of that strategy, but it does not necessarily contribute to the goal of reducing CO2 emissions. Important to know is that BEVs are not true zero-emission vehicles.

In this video, we would like to present a true assessment of global electrification, considering multiple factors, such as electricity efficiency and EV readiness.We will share with you OviDrive's recommendations by dividing the countries into six groups.

Achieving Your Sustainability Targets

Achieving ambitious sustainability targets is challenging, however when breaking down the complexity into actionable items, your goals become achievable. We're here to support you along the way, or even take care of the groundwork. Just let us know how we can help.

Phase 1

Capture Data

Understand your fleet and your employees, translate it into data

  • Essential car data (CO2 emission rate, fuel efficiency)
  • Emissions, fuel consumption, EV charging
  • Utilization data (by connecting vehicle and driver)
  • Employee commuting methods (km, frequency..)
  • Employee behavior and mindset (Employee survey)
  • Vendor data
Our Support

Collecting data, maintaining the database and generating insights to drive your strategy. We can support you in each step with these services

Fleet Management System
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Market Trends - Electrification

What is the share of electric vehicles in your fleet today? What will it be by 2025?

Most companies have an electrification strategy and have already marginally, implemented a few electric vehicles across their fleets. The same companies expect the share of EVs to exceed 30% by 2025, which – taking into account a 3.5 year renewal cycle – means that EV policies, charging infrastructure installations and sourcing activities will be kicking off before the end of 2022.

Source : Global Fleet Survey 2020

Phase 2

Identify your Target

Improve and Control

At OviDrive we believe that CO2 emissions are only part of a sustainability strategy. That's why we have developed our own metric: the Sustainability Impact Coefficient that provides you more options to reach your objectives

Reduce trips or increase passengers
Improve the number of
clean trips
Focus on Policy
  • Sharing vehicles (Pool car)
  • Replace trips with mobility solutions
  • Share rides
  • By selecting the right vehicle form factor
  • By selecting the right fuel type
  • Incentivise the co-worker and the business to do the right thing
  • Gamification
Our Support

Your situation and objectives are unique to your business. Our consultant team will support you with tailored data analysis, strategy proposals and the right action plan.

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How can your Fleet become a sustainable, carbon-neutral Fleet? Some outside-the-box strategies

Reduce Mileage
Reduce Fleet Size
Eligibility Review
  • Mileage-based assessment of car eligible employees
  • Alternative mobility solutions
Car Sharing
  • Identify vehicles with low business mileage and define sharing opportunities, either with your own assets or on-demand
  • Optimise the utilization of company cars by sharing a portion of cars amongst multiple employees
Digital & Flexible Workspace
  • Reduce commuting time and mileage by increasing the utilization of digital collaboration tools
  • Reduce the square meterage of offices by combining home office and flexible office
Change Employee Behavior
The impact of Employee Behavior
  • Ecodrive courses deliver 5.8% reduction of CO2 emissions*
  • Charging behavior (EV/PHEV) determines success of alternative driver trains
  • Change Strategies (change, engagement, inclusion, gamification) to reinforce strategies

*  Ryosuke Andoa, Yasuhide Nishihori, A study on factors affecting the effective eco-driving, EURO Working Group onTransportation

Engine Technology
Features and Benefits
Difficulty to Transition
Use Case
BMW 320d
Toyota Prius
Mitsubishi Outlander
Toyota Mirai
HIgh mileage
City / Start-stop Traffic
Short commuting
Within range of the EV
Popularity of PHEVs
  • The EU car CO2 law has set a target of 95 g/km for 2020/21 for OEMs
  • The residual value settings of electrified vehicles is improving
  • PHEV is a good first-step option towards electrification:
  • Is applied in bigger vehicles (SUVs) that the public likes
  • PHEVs have a theoretical low CO2 emission that contributes to the EU norms
Risk of PHEVs
  • Emission efficiency requires 1.6 charging per day
  • PHEVs require driver discipline to be efficient
  • PHEV as a company car requires monitoring from the Fleet Manager
  • PHEV is typically more expensive than ICE
Phase 3

Implement Strategy

Examples of Strategies

The following are examples of strategies OviDrive has supported

As the supply chain improves and more electric vehicles become available, the EV readiness of cities and countries improves This, in combination with corporate strategic guidelines and favourable taxation, leads to the conclusion that EV should be front of mind. Not a simple feat though, as you’ll need to take into account the reality is not just about statistics. Some of your employees may not be able to install home chargers and others will live in countries that are less EV-ready. So where to start?

The Employee Population

Are they asking for EVs? They might, especially in those countries where emissions are part of the BIK calculation. If there is support from the base, it’s easier to sell electrification to the top. The next topic on the agenda is driver profiling; how many of your drivers can install a home charger, who comes to the office, how often and who won't have easy access to public chargers? Different profiles emerge, and different solutions need to be considered for each profile.

The Policy

Charging on the go is more expensive than charging at the office or at home. Do you want to regulate charging? What about home chargers? Who takes the installation, maintenance and repair costs and who owns the charger? Will you reimburse installation cost when an employee moves to a different place? There are many things to consider, but one thing is sure: EVs need a dedicated chapter in your policies or procedures, especially if you’re also deploying PHEVs – these can be the perfect transition option, but require discipline from your drivers.

The Supply Chain

This includes the OEM selection as your current suppliers are not necessarily the best for EVs. Then comes the challenge: infrastructure and charging cards. Talk to as many vendors as possible and build your solution considering that you may need more than one to service your entire fleet. Look at how they report charging transactions: do the reports deliver enough detail for you to scrutinise your employees’ behaviour against policy?

About Enthusiasm

Get that message out, promote your strategies and provide for a communications plan that goes beyond implementation. Fleet management is dynamic, and communication is the force that keeps it running.

Unfortunately, sustainability is most often measured in terms of emissions; we see it in corporate reports where carefully drafted graphs demonstrate a downwards trend in CO2 emissions, but we hear it also in strategy one-liners such as “Net-zero by 2025.” Again, the full sustainability story is more complex, but contains more potential than electrification.

The real sustainability story consists of 3 parts: avoidance, reduction and offsetting of emissions. This comes down to combining several approaches rather than selecting only one way to reach your objectives.


This is clearly part of the solution. BEVs avoid emissions and PHEV, when used with discipline, reduce emissions. Nonetheless, if taken seriously, sustainability is also about how we use our vehicles. When considering ultra-low mileage drivers, does it make sense to give them an EV? Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide a good, pay-on-use alternative or commuting solution? This brings us back to OviDrive’s sustainability coefficient: it’s about reducing the emissions and mileage of the company car.

Driving Efficiently

This could mean enabling low-congestion transits by not booking meetings at the office at 8.30h AM. Planning can go much further and deliver better results if your vehicles are equipped with telematics or connected services. Combine CRM data with telematics data and you’ll run a very efficient fleet. In addition, having the ability to monitor unwanted driving behaviour can result in reduced emissions without even considering electrification. The same is true for on-time maintenance and tire changes.

Carbon Offset

There will be unavoidable emissions, coming from your hybrids and ICEs in countries where electrification is not possible. Carbon offset is how you deal with this. Offset is relatively cheap, but still a true contribution to sustainability. The skepticism about carbon offset is understandable, because pushed to the extreme, everyone could drive a V6 and still report net zero. Nonetheless, when used as a last resort and in combination with electrification, mobility and behavioural monitoring, carbon offset can push you across the finish line. At OviDrive, we recommend to include carbon offset in the TCO of any fleet.

Phase 4

Follow-up &
Take Action


As always, there are few shortcuts to the successful execution of a sustainability strategy. It comes with additional complexity in policy, supply chain and daily operations. Our core business is to remove this complexity; our technology tells you everything you need to know about your drivers, helps you profile which employees may be suitable for EVs or mobility and manage your vendors. Our analytics inform you when you go off-track and lets you know when and where to jump in. Our metrics go beyond CO2 emissions and provide transparency over the total impact of your fleet on the environment.

Our Support

With OviDrive you can start combining different options: PHEV, BEV, efficient ICE, mobility, home and shared Office. Having these tools available, within one operating system, is how we accelerate your sustainability initiatives.

Fleet Management System
Data Manage Service
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GHG Accounting

Sustainability: The Data Challenge



Only EVs? Not the Optimal Solution for your Global Fleet


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