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Your team can work more efficiently

30 sec
to upload vendor files
15 %
savings on TCO (up to)
60 Sec
to scrutinise thousands of transactions

Simplified System Structure


Spreadsheets are a thing of the past, take the work out of workflow!

Manual data entry and spreadsheet reporting is time consuming and prone to error. With the support of OviDrive, your team can automate repeatable workflows helping hit those important cost reduction targets.

Before OviDrive

Endless hours spent looking for information from one spreadsheet to another and building complex reports.

Before After
With OviDrive

One platform with immediate access to your structured data and presenting data as daily action items.

Fleet OS

A structured database where all information can be stored and accessed in one place. This includes information on drivers, cars, costs, vendors, invoices, contracts, plans, countries, cost centres and budgets. An intuitive system generating  insights and analytics on: TCO per car, cost-centre, region, total fleet, Breakdown of costs by fuel, energy, repair/maintenance, tax, finance, insurance, EOL, accidents, roadside,Insights and analytics on high-cost categories, utilisation rates  and CO2 emissions.

The global software helps manage vendors and costs in near real time with smart file integrations for vendors, smart-file mapping functions for multiple vendor types and contract and cost management functionality, where the system can scrutinise transactions and ensure all costs are captured that may be outside of contract, hidden, unplanned or unexpected.


We land live car data into the system via third party telematics, cloud connected cars from the OEM or via data aggregators. We are device agnostic and have API access. If a vehicle is un-connected, we also can provide our own device which is a light OBD II device that identifies the vehicle by its VIN, shows utilisation of the vehicle, collects odometer readings live and pairs the driver to the vehicle via Bluetooth so you can always identify what driver is in what vehicle and the user experience for that particular car can then be delivered to the driver. We do not do vehicle tracking and maintain all privacy GDPR standards with opt in if necessary


We have mentioned connecting vendors and cars; this is where you see the drivers being linked into the system. Drivers download the mobile app and can now be linked to all the information relating to the vehicle they are in. They can be connected to vendors, roadside, accident management, access logbook functions and even book pool cars or shared assets if made available to them or if they are eligible. Bringing the driver into the eco-system is the first step on the journey to understanding the true cost to mobilise an individual as opposed to TCO. This will allow for further insights for mobility solutions as well as a method to deliver any services or benefits

Supplier Marketplace

Integrate with vendors via smart file integrations or connected solutions where APIs may be available, the system has smart file mapping functions and can read multiple formats either pdf, csv, excel and others. The vendors are linked into the system and services and information can be delivered down to drivers via the mobile app. The driver experienced for the selected vendors is defined in the system

Pool Car & Asset Sharing

This is solving the problem of inefficient pool car management and replaces outlook, excel and front desk. It also solves the problem of trying to manually manage the utilisation of the assets, the maintenance, damages and costs.

The OviDrive pool car management can also help a business reduce the number of vehicles they need in the fleet by improving the way they are shared across the company. This module enables customers to share vehicles across the workforce including cars, bikes or scooters. Staff can manage bookings, pick-ups and returns in the app as well as manage inspections and damages.

This solution is designed to improve utilisation rates and make idle vehicles available for sharing, manage existing pool fleets or introduce alternative mobility options outside of the standard company car structure that can be included as part of the benefits package.

  • Optimise pool fleet utilisation and reduce costs
  • Gain full visibility on damage in realtime reducing the cost of hidden damages  over the course of multiple bookings
  • Have full visibility from anywhere in the world over bookings, cancelled bookings and vehicles available
Before OviDrive

Your company is using dedicated cars or may use a pool of vehicles managed by people. Inefficiencies and low utilisation rates are common.

Before After
With OviDrive

Employees use a modern app to share vehicles and manage their bookings. OviDrive’s automated features remove the administrative burden.

Intuitive Driver App

All the information drivers need to know is in one APP

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