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The Scope of Operations

Fleets are managed across departments. Some tasks are well defined and allocated to a single subject matter expert, such as payroll or fiscal reporting, but many other tasks remain unallocated or uncontrolled, exposing your company to potential extra costs. Managing the in-life time of a lease contract is essential for your costs, but also contribute to the positive experience that you want to provide to employees. Here’s how we deal with it: our take on Operational Efficiency

Operational Process

Vehicle ordering

What has to be a highlight for your employees is often a burden for the Fleet Manager. The selection process, requesting and comparing quotes and verifying the configuration with the policy takes time. At OviDrive, we put the employee’s experience at the center. Our concierge service takes away the hassle, delivers a pleasant and seamless experience and only leaves the oversight up to you

Vehicle Delivery

No new vehicle should be delivered before the end of the previous vehicle’s lifecycle. The previous vehicle needs to be returned within acceptable wear and tear, whilst the new vehicle needs to be exactly as it has been ordered. There are many things to lock in during the new vehicle delivery process. Our concierge service will guide the employee through the process and ensure compliance with your processes


There are so many reports that you need to deliver, going from annual leadership updates to monthly finance reports. Using spreadsheets or even your asset management tools still requires you to combine and process different data sources. Leasing companies offer great reporting tools, but unfortunately, it’s only part of the data that needs to be consolidated. OviDrive delivers you the most recent data at any time, with a click on a button


Your employees will know where and when their vehicles need maintenance, but they might have questions or be unhappy about the experience. Instead of sending emails to you, we will take over the communication process and find solutions for your employees. Dissatisfaction with the supply chain will be registered, and reported back to you


Have you noticed that your lease vendors use different methodologies for tire replacement? Some offer a tire budget, others replace tires when used. Often, employees are unsure when and if they should replace tires and where they can go to. Our fully digitized solution helps them understanding what they need to do – again a phone call or an email less to the fleet manager


Even with the best back-office service from your lease or insurance vendor, an accident is a traumatic experience for your employees. They will have questions or hesitate about the claims process. Having a solution in place that delivers comfort and control over the repair and simply act as the go-to person, is of extreme value to your employees. And it’s what we do on a daily basis


Fuel data are an extremely valuable source of information. The data contain updates on mileage and utilization of your vehicles, but also helps you detect atypical behavior, such as high consumption or weekend refueling. So, every fuel report needs to be scrutinized, line per line, 100s of lines per invoice. Rather then going through the invoices, the OviDrive system simply absorbs and processes the invoice, leaving you with only the exceptional data points to look at

Telematics and connectivity

The amount of data that becomes available via telematics and connected vehicles, is impressive to a point where it stops being an efficient exercise. You want to be able to control behavior against set standards and only intervene in deviations, or you might want to dig deeper into electrification or mobility potential. OviDrive will do the job for you and profile each of your employees. You work with the results, not with the raw data

Summer / Winter tires

The yearly hassle of organizing tire switches, especially when a car has been reallocated to a different employee. We store these data and make the information visible to your employees. No more need to call your lease vendors during the busy tire change season. We will provide the answers to your employees


How much work is your annual recalculation round? The leasing companies will provide you with suggestions, but the new mileage/duration parameters still need to be checked with the employee’s expected mileage and every proposal needs to be verified. Once this is done, you will need to input each and every newly recalculated values in your data source. OviDrive takes care of the entire process, and will assist the leasing company in delivering proposals with the right parameters. If you use matrix contracts, we’ll check the values with these as well


What to do with damage on a car that needs to be returned within a few months? How to ensure that your drivers are compliant with company procedures and have repaired that supermarket cart scratch? Our services include assistance with the return process; we’ll also have a closer look at the end of contract invoice and let you know what your drivers have been up to. And, in the process, we’ll take care that the end date of the old contract has been well communicated to your leasing companies

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