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Global Database Management

OviDrive consolidates global fleet data into a structured and unified format and creates a digital footprint of your fleet. We will cleanse historical data and provide on going maintenance and management of the fleet data to ensure a single source of truth and transparency over the total cost of ownership (TCO). Data includes: Cost centres, countries, cars, drivers, contracts, vendors and budgets

New Records
  • Creating vehicles
  • Creating drivers
  • Creating new vendors
Change to Records
  • Driver movement allocations between vehicles
  • Contract changes/ modifications
  • Status changes for Drivers, Cars & Plans (Contracts)
Closing Records
  • Terminating returned vehicles
  • De-activating drivers

Global Invoice Control &
Expense Management

OviDrive provides invoice control and expense management services across various vendors for both planned and unplanned expenses. Our system optimises fleet spending and can automate decisions to either approve, dispute or reject fleet costs. The system scrutinises transactions line by line and at scale with smart file mapping functions and vendor file integrations. This means we can read multiple formats from multiple vendors and countries. We use a combination of technology and fleet experts to provide you a managed service and will capture any fleet costs that are outside of contract, hidden or have not been budgeted for. In addition we will provide you global reporting and generate your accounting and payroll files.

Mapping Vendors transaction files
  • Ingestion of Transaction File layout from all Vendors
  • Allocation of Product codes to appropriate Cost Categories
  • Maintenance of Mapping (update new product codes etc)
Generate Accounting Files
Accounting Files are generated monthly for:
  • Per Vendor
  • Per Country
  • Per Legal Entity
Uploading Vendor transaction files
  • Ingestion of Mapped Transaction files
  • Identification of any costs that cannot be linked to active vehicle contracts
  • Allocation of all costs into mapped CostCategories
Generating Reports
  • Payroll Reporting
  • TCO Reporting
  • Asset Reporting
  • Budget Reporting
  • Utilisation Reporting
Flagging Transactions for review
  • Charges that don’t match contract costs are flagged for review.

across Europe

Regional Vendor Management Services

Understand supplier performance, manage vendors effectively and further drive fleet costs down. This becomes easier with OviDrive’s benchmarking capability. Often clients simply don’t have the time or the negotiation skills. Armed with the knowledge of multiple clients OviDrive is best placed to optimise our customers results in vendor negotiation.

Vendor Assessing
Handling, checking, challenging and validation of all invoices relating to the vehicle fleet.  Exception reporting to the customer on invoice challenges and success rate.  Our customer service will utilise best endeavours to support the transmission and receipt of electronic invoices.

OviDrive plays an intermediary role between 3rd party vendors and the customer, with all contracts and payments remaining in the name of the customer.
  • Contracting Process
  • Applicable for all third-party contracts
Invoice and Payment Process
OviDrive checks and validates all invoices received, with the correct invoices being approved.

Recharged and unplanned invoices will be reviewed for validity and cost. OviDrive will challenge and request credit notes directly or provide you with detailed reports enabling you to complete the process. All costs and successful challenges will be tracked and reported. 

OviDrive will benchmark vendor performance and recommend actions to improve the vendor performance.

Analytics are performed to deal with inappropriate use of the fuel cards, including the provision of this information in the reporting package to the client.

Regional Driver Management Services

OviDrive connects drivers and employees to services via a mobile app and provides them with all the up-to-date and relevant information they will need. We provide a driver support help desk for when a driver needs problem solving, questions answered or assistance with a vendor

Reallocation Management
Manage the reallocation of vehicles between employees
Temporary Vehicle Management
Short Term Hire / Pool Vehicles / Spare Vehicles

OviDrive will manage and oversee the vehicle provision process for new starters; where accidents or breakdowns occur; where a new vehicle is not ready (pre-contract); where a vehicle is required by temporary staff or secondments from overseas.  
Returning of Vehicles
At the end of each lease contract OviDrive will be responsible for the management and coordination of vehicles to be returned to the leasing companies.  
Roadside Assistance
OviDrive will connect drivers with roadside assistance providers directly through our mobile app or via our call handling process.
Help Desk
OviDrive provides a driver help desk, manned during normal business hours (Monday –Friday 9am – 5.30pm), with one (1) unique number and a single email address per client and per country. In addition, we will provide a 24/7 help-desk for emergencies or when your drivers really need it.  
Vehicle Origination
Ordering, delivery & return of vehicles
Fine Management
Capture and allocate fines to the drivers

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