Our World is Changing

Global Solutions for Corporate Fleet
& Mobility Management in a World of Change

A global fleet and mobility solution is not easy to find

Corporate and work environments are changing rapidly. What your employer is asking for goes beyond fleet management. We have the solution you've been searching for.


  • You want a more sustainable fleet but don’t know the exact utilisation rate of your vehicles?
  • You can only guess what the exact total CO2 emissions are?
  • You are being asked to design a strategy to meet a sustainability target?
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Cost Saving

  • You want to realise cost savings but don’t know where to start?
  • You are lacking transparency and know there are missed cost savings opportunities?
  • You want to use cost savings to generate budget for innovation?
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  • Manual file creation, multiple excel sheets to manage drivers, cars, contracts – why not have everything in one place?
  • Too much work and not enough time for strategy?
  • Caught up in daily emergencies and fire-fighting?
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Data - Strategy - Support

All three components are key to your success as a fleet and mobility manager. But you can't do it all on your own. Let us support you. Here's what we stand for:

Fundamental entity

  • Provide global data consolidation and data support to international customers
  • Use technology to deliver on Triple-S Strategies (Savings, Sustainability, Safety)
  • Automate fleet functionalities to reduce workload
  • Manage complex supply chains
  • Support customers with advice and share expertise

Unique Selling Points

  • Global Coverage
  • Cover all fleet management activity(System, Service and Consulting)
  • System ability to connect digitally with any service provider
  • Combination of machine and human to reduce cost and improve efficiency
  • Tech driven to support future development

OviDrive System

Wherever your data comes from, whatever your supply chain, our system captures fleet and mobility data from multiple sources globally.

The OviDrive system is vendor and device agnostic and delivers you the supply chain flexibility you need.

All fleet and mobility related data is consolidated and structured into a unified format. We deliver the transparency, visibility and insights to drive meaningful outcomes such as efficiency, savings, safety and sustainability.

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OviDrive Services

You don't have enough capacity to manage the fleet yourself? We can provide you with the option to outsource your operations.

We will help you with the time consuming and repetitive tasks such as data uploading, data maintenance, invoice control and reporting.

Finally some time to do strategic work!

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OviDrive Consulting

OviDrive consulting is a global service delivered by a network of certified fleet experts. We connect our customers with the right people to ensure success, advising on a range of issues from traditional fleet management to the rollout of total mobility solutions.

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Intuitive Driver App

All the information drivers need to know is in one APP

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