1. Software as a Service

The data foundation

Global fleet management automated, simplified and intelligent.
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Consolidate Global Data

The OviDrive Core serves as a comprehensive global fleet data system, simplifying the consolidation of data from various sources, whether they originate from your in-house systems or third-party providers. Vehicles, drivers, vendors, costs and fleet events all harmoniously linking together. Deploy our connected vehicle and driver solutions for a seamless modern experience.

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Streamline Fleet Operations

In today's complex ecosystem, inefficiencies from disjointed processes lead to unnecessary workload and operational hurdles. The OviDrive Core eliminates these barriers by seamlessly connecting all facets of fleet operations. From driver management to vendor cost integration, our platform streamlines workflows, optimises resource utilisation, and drives productivity across your organisation.

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Unlock Fleet Insights

Gain actionable insights into key areas for improvement across your fleet operations. By providing detailed reporting and analytics on performance metrics, cost drivers, and operational efficiency, our system empowers you to make informed decisions. Identify opportunities for CO2 reduction, cost reduction, enhance driver performance, optimise vehicle utilisation, and drive continuous improvement.


Connected ecosystem

Mobile app for drivers

Allow drivers to capture all fleet events, trips, odometer updates and share vehicles. Enhance your drivers' experience by enabling seamless communication with vendors, reducing down time and dissatisfaction.

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Desktop app for fleet managers

Manage your fleet seamlessly from anywhere with our intuitive web app. Designed for fleet managers, our web app allows you to consolidate global data, provides comprehensive reporting, and easy access to vital data. Stay connected, make informed decisions, and optimize fleet performance with a user-friendly interface.

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AI powered Analytics

Leverage the power of AI to gain deep insights into your fleet operations. Our AI-powered analytics provide real-time data analysis and performance optimisation, helping you make smarter, data-driven decisions. Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive your fleet's success with advanced AI reporting.

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Advanced features

Explore our suite of advanced features designed to optimise your fleet management, enhance operational efficiency, and provide comprehensive data insights.

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Connect driver profiles

Manage drivers digitally, automate engagement and payroll administration, stay on top of eligibility and mobility allowances.

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Connect vehicle profiles

Take full advantage of your existing telemetry by syncing live odometers and rich vehicle data for better CO2 reporting, cost control, damage and lifecycle management.

Intelligent cost control

Automated line-by-line cost scrutiny and allocation, seamlessly integrating with your vendor files, GL codes, cost centres and accounts payable.

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Advanced reporting

Gain actionable insights, visualise key metrics, track performance, and make data-driven decisions. Set automated alerts for key indicators.

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Automate payroll

OviDrive records your driver to vehicle allocations, driver contributions and related costs, automatically preparing monthly global payroll files.

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Automate invoice processing

Streamline your financial operations by automating invoice processing, reducing manual errors, and saving time with our efficient and reliable system.

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Manage mobility allowance

Efficiently oversee and allocate mobility allowances for your drivers, ensuring fair compensation and streamlined administration while optimising travel expenses.

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Turn your pool cars into shared assets

Maximise the utilisation of your fleet by transforming pool cars into shared assets, enabling efficient vehicle sharing and reducing idle time and costs.

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Granular permissions

Control access with precision, allowing you to assign specific roles and responsibilities to each user for enhanced security and management.

2. Fleet Management as a Service

Build on your team's capability

Enhance operational proficiency for optimised fleet performance and efficiency gains.
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Global Data Management

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your fleet data with our expert-managed services. We cleanse, enrich, update, and maintain global data repositories, providing a reliable single source of truth for informed decision-making and seamless operations.

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Managed Fleet Operations

Optimise your fleet operations with our dedicated managed services team. We handle all aspects of fleet management, from driver coordination to vendor interactions, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows while you focus on core business activities.

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Total Cost Transparency

Gain complete transparency over your fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Total Cost to Mobilise an Individual (TCMI). Our managed services provide detailed cost control, insights and analytics. We can help optimise your fleet’s performance, ensure cost-efficiency, and make data-driven decisions to reduce overall expenses.

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Offering expert support, advanced technology, and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Global Database Management

Consolidate global fleet data into a unified format, ensuring a single source of truth and transparency over costs and allocations.

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New Records Creation

We create, manage, terminate vehicle, driver, and vendor records, maintaining an up-to-date fleet database.

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Global Invoice Management

We provide vendor and geography agnostic invoice management, ensuring your fleet costs are centrally visible.

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Expense Management

We validate and scrutinise transactions at scale, integrating vendor files and ensuring accurate billing and budget compliance.

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Vendor Management

Our experts speak the your vendor's language, We enhance relationships by bridging the gap between your goals, fleet policies, market capability and contractual obligations.

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Key Reporting

We provide key reports for payroll and accounts payable, helping automate your financial workflows.

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Driver Management Services

We connect drivers to essential services via a mobile app, offering comprehensive support and assistance.

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Vehicle Reallocation and Temporary Vehicle Management

Oversees vehicle reallocation between employees and managing temporary vehicle needs and returns.

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Help Desk for Escalation Events

We provide a dedicated help desk and ensure drivers can escalate issues they are facing, providing support when needed.

3. Consultancy as a Service

Tailored strategic planning

Partner with us to transform your fleet operations and achieve lasting improvements.
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Global Strategy, Local Plan

Our expert consultants thoroughly analyse your unique fleet operations to identify improvement areas and growth opportunities. We design tailored strategies that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve performance, and achieve significant CO2 reductions. With our strategic guidance, your fleet will meet current demands and be well-prepared for future advancements, ensuring sustainability and optimal results.

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Fleet Excellence

Whether you require advice on specific topics like car policy writing and telematics management, project management for initiatives such as company car to mobility transitions, or complete solutions like global sustainability and electrification strategies, our expert consultants are supplier-agnostic and dedicated to delivering best-in-class solutions.

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Tailored Advice

We offer a spectrum of customised services tailored to address your specific needs and challenges. From in-depth cost analysis and strategic financial planning to car policy design, supplier integration, and telematics management, our expert consultancy provides actionable advice for achieving sustainable cost savings and operational efficiency across your fleet.

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Comprehensive solutions

OviDrive provides expert consultancy to optimise fleet operations with tailored solutions, strategic guidance, and actionable insights. Enhance efficiency and innovation with our global network of experienced consultants.

Global Network

Access our extensive network of in-house consultants and certified fleet experts with deep domain expertise and local knowledge.

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Mobility Expertise

Benefit from our knowledge in mobility integration and policy change management to modernise your fleet operations.

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Fleet Expertise

Leverage our expertise in RFS, RFP, RFI, contract management, policy creation, and fleet maturity assessments.

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Technology Expertise

Streamline fleet management with our in-house operating systems and expertise in technology tendering.

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Project & Change Management

Utilise our proficiency in PMI and Agile methodologies for effective project design, management, and execution.

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HR Benefits & Wellness

Enhance employee satisfaction with strategic benefit programs and worker wellbeing initiatives.

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Car Policy Design & Review

Optimise fleet control and costs with our comprehensive car policy services, including document review and policy implementation.

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Powertrain Transition

Transition to a new mix of powertrains with minimal disruption, ensuring suitability and efficiency.

Lease vs Buy vs Cash Allowance

Make informed sourcing decisions with insights into financial and operational factors for leasing, buying, or cash allowances.

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Company Car to Mobility Transition

Design and execute change programs for a smooth transition from company cars to comprehensive mobility solutions.

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Telematics & Risk Management

Enhance fleet transparency, safety, and efficiency with the implementation of advanced telematics solutions.

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Supply Chain Assessments

Assess and improve supply chain setup to maintain balance, reduce risk, reduce emissions and minimise costs.

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Contract Negotiations & SLA Services

Support your legal teams with contract vetting and design SLAs and KPIs for optimal service delivery.

Saving Programs

Implement targeted savings programs to optimise fleet management and reduce excessive or uncontrolled spending.

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Data Analytics

Harness advanced analytics tools, including mobility calculators and regression analysis, for informed decision-making.

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