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Introduce Mobility Solutions into your corporate fleet. Improve the way company cars are shared, increase utilisation rates and reduce fleet size.

March 9, 2020

Employees Share the Passion

According to Glassdoor economic research, the culture and values of a company are the highest contributing factor to employee happiness and satisfaction next to salary. Many people today want to work for a company that shares their values, and with so many of us across the globe that are passionate about tackling climate change, we are being attracted to employers that share the same views, are taking action and making a stand. This gives employees something to stand behind and be proud of, which in turn inspires higher levels of commitment and passion in the workplace.

It’s certainly not to say that a company’s position on climate change and other social stances is the only factor in employee satisfaction. There’s also transparency in the workplace, competent management, employee recognition, opportunities for career advancement and many more variables, however it certainly carries its weight for many of us. We want to share the same values with our employer and that means getting behind what we believe in, having conviction and taking action.

Giving up the Company Car

Companies and their employees will always need to rely on vehicles, whether it’s delivering products or services, transporting sales staff or even for the work commute. Companies like Ikea are making a statement, that your CO2 footprint needs to be calculated to include all cars being used, and not just your benefit vehicle commute.

The question is can you reduce your CO2 footprint for the work commute and still lead the market in employee benefits? Yes you can, and the key to this is in understanding that most company cars will be utilised less than 50% over their entire life. More often than not as you’re driving to work you will see mostly sole occupants in the cars around you.

What if we could give up our company car but still have access to company cars whenever we wanted? What if we could forego the daily parking hunt, the unproductive sitting in traffic, whilst retaining the freedom that came with having access to a company car, and we were able to contribute to our social responsibility of a greener planet?

A Hybrid and Digital Solution, Is the Answer

Fleet teams globally have been watching and learning from the mobility revolution over the last 5 years, and many larger companies are actively implementing mobility strategies into their daily fleet management practices. Sharing cars during the workday, access to vehicles after hours, extending benefits to include alternative commute methods and private trip mobility options are the tools being used by these leaders.

How do you get there? Your two challenges will be employees giving up their benefit vehicles, and ensuring a zero cost impact on your business. The solution requires you to provide meaningful mobility solutions that employees want, and to reduce your fleet operating cost to fund it. Easy to say and harder to do, especially if you don’t have the information available to you.

We at OviDrive believe in taking a pragmatic approach to introducing mobility solutions with the first milestone being to truly understand your fleet data, utilisation rates, purpose, and costs. We believe digitisation is the first step to evolving your fleet operations, after all you need to know what it is you are changing before you make the change. Once you aggregate all your data into a centralised and comparable format, digitise your operations and have transparency, then you can start making informed and strategic decisions regarding mobility solutions and your company fleet.

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