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Enhance global productivity and transition the management of corporate regional fleets, to a global platform on one screen.

April 20, 2020
Fleet Management Tips

The Global Project

Enhancing global productivity and transitioning the management of corporate regional fleets to a global platform can be a complex project. This presents a real challenge for global category leaders and executives in fleet and procurement. However, if done right can achieve huge efficiencies and cost reductions for the company and ultimately result in career advancement for the individual responsible for leading the successful initiative.

Historically, companies could be looking at eighteen months to two years to centralise a multi-national fleet operation. This not only depends on the fleet size and number of countries involved, but also the regions willingness to cooperate and the mandate within the company. There are many complexities that vary between countries and continents. There are also many stakeholders involved across HR, procurement, finance, fleet management, IT and more. This in itself is a challenge for the project lead let alone the complex operation itself.

Your Technology Partner for the Project

The OviDrive team is made up of not only fleet experts, but technology experts that specialise in global enterprise solutions and data management. Our development team has a very impressive portfolio building global enterprise solutions for some of the world’s largest brands. This impressive development team combined with our team of fleet experts spanning over four continents has resulted in a broad, cross-border and technology driven solution. We have a cross-functional team with experts in fleet, leasing, finance, on-boarding, international business operations, software, payments, artificial intelligence, machine learning and enterprise resource planning.

OviDrive has developed a platform that takes what was a complex two-year project to a highly efficient digital transformation in under 6 months. In many cases as little as 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the operation.

A Solid Business Case to Use OviDrive

There needs to be a specific business case to get buy in from C-Level and stakeholders other than having overall goals for cost optimisation or standardisation. OviDrive can help you with this, and also provide access to our global network of independent expert consultants. OviDrive can display where savings will be achieved and when. What the impact will be to individual business units, the drivers, staff and the company itself. We can present what
CO2 reductions there will be, how you can de-fleet, improve specific utilisation rates per country or cost centre and even where and when to introduce alternative mobility solutions.

Depending on the level of complexity, number of cars and countries involved, it could normally take up to 6 months to build a cost/benefit and feasibility report. With OviDrive, our network of independent consultants and all the data on previous projects, you can build the business case needed in only weeks.

OviDrive’s Approach

We have developed a strategy and approach that not only reduces errors and disruption, but accelerates the project by streamlining processes, staging implementation and engaging the right stakeholders at the right times. We work with enterprise on a roadmap to future proofing operations, and we start by building a baseline to digitise and centralise therefore enabling future changes to happen seamlessly.

We work with each regional fleet team or ambassador to collect all relevant fleet data during the first stage, communicate with vendors for file integrations and work with HQ on and training and on-boarding. In a matter of weeks, we have centralised all global fleet data and are moving on to data cleansing. Our data cleansing process is about making sense of the fleet data, getting it all into a standardised and comparable format, finding discrepancies and gaining real transparency and understanding of total cost of ownership for the enterprise. This can be done again in only a matter of weeks for thousands of vehicles spread out over multiple countries and continents.

Future Proofing Fleet Operations

With the automotive industry evolving so rapidly, fleet and procurement teams need to be agile and adapt to new technologies and business models. It is one of the reasons why centralising an international fleet is so important to begin with. Once the fleet is centralised then introducing new models or adopting new solutions is much less disruptive or costly to the company.

OviDrive works to a future roadmap with its enterprise customers and uses a staged approach starting with data management, digitisation and cost optimisation through to the unbundling of services, automating of approvals, tasks and payments to introducing company-wide mobility solutions, connected cars and much more.

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